Diaclone Biologically Active Antibodies


Investigate your cellular assay systems using the Diaclone range of Biologically Active Monoclonal Antibodies.

Diaclone offers a broad range of biologically active, Azide Free antibodies suitable for induction, activation, neutralisation and inhibition studies.

Unable to find a neutralizing antibody for your research? Utilize our scientific expertise in antibody engineering and development.

We have the ability to generate new biologically active antibodies by using our Bioassays platform. 

                     852.030.000                                               853.920.005                                                 854.860.000

Available Biologically Active Antibodies

Clone Azide Free Biological Activity
CD10 B-E3 854.090.000 Cytotoxic In association with rabbit complement on CD10+ cells
CD102 / ICAM-2 B-T1 852.760.000 Inhibits cell adhesion and T-cell activation
CD106 / VCAM-1 B-K9 852.770.000 Inhibits cell attachment to VCAM-1
CD117 / c-kit B-K15 854.510.000 Inhibits the KIT ligand induced proliferation of TF1 cell line
CD126 / IL-6R B-R6 852.030.000 Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation of XG-1 cells
CD130 / gp130 B-S12 852.110.000 Activates cells carrying gp130. Induces gp130 activation, Jak 1, Jak 2, Stat 1 and Stat 3 phosphorylation
CD130 / gp130 B-P4 852.090.000 Inhibits IL-11 activity and binding to gp130, but not CNTF, LIF and OSM activities
CD130 / gp130 B-P8 852.080.000 Inhibits CNTF activity and binding to gp130. Induces gp130 activation, Jak 1, Jak 2, Stat 1 and Stat 3 phosphorylation
CD130 / gp130 B-K5 852.070.000 Inhibits CNTF activity. Inhibits OSM binding to gp130
CD130 / gp130 B-R3 852.060.000 Inhibits IL-6, IL-11, CNTF, LIF and OSM activities
CD178/FasL B-R17 853.070.000 Inhibits soluble CD178 induced apoptosis
CD184 B-R24 854.600.000 Inhibits HIV-1 infection
CD2 / LFA-2 B-E2 852.500.000

Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture

CD20 B-H20 854.150.000 Cytotoxic in association with complement on CD20 cells
CD202b / Tie-2 / TEK B-B48 854.710.000 Inhibits Tek-L / Tek binding
CD21 B-E5 854.160.000 Induces human B-cell proliferation and competes with EBV for CD21 binding
IL-18Ra B-E43 854.900.000 Inhibits human IFNγ secretion induced by IL-18 stimulated cells
IL-18Rb B-B46 854.910.000 Inhibits human IFNγ secretion induced by IL-18 stimulated cells
CD25 / IL-2R B-B10 852.000.000

Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture

CD25 / IL-2R B-F2 852.010.000

Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture

TRAIL B-S23 853.080.000 Enhances TRAIL induced apoptosis
TRAIL / APO2L B-T24 853.090.000 Inhibits TRAIL induced apoptosis
TRAIL R1 / DR4 B-N36 854.850.000 Neutralizes TRAIL induced apoptosis on HEL cell line
TRAIL R2 / DR5 B-D37 854.870.000 Agonist: induced apoptosis on Jurkat cells. Enhances TRAIL induced apoptosis of U937 cell line
TRAIL R2 / DR5 B-K29 854.860.000 Neutralizes TRAIL induced apoptosis of U937 cell line
TRAIL R3 / DcR1 B-D44 854.890.000 Inhibits TRAIL binding to TRAIL R3
CD28 B-T3 854.220.000 Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture. Co-stimulates T-cell proliferation.
CD3 B-B11 854.010.000 Induces T lymphocyte stimulation and proliferation
CD34 Class I B-G25 854.240.000 Triggers KG-1a cell aggregation
CD4 B-A1 854.030.000

Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture

CD40 B-B20 854.280.000 Stimulates B-cell proliferation together with IL-4
CD44 / PGP-1 B-F24 852.600.000

Triggers T-lymphocyte aggregation. Enhances Hyaluronan binding to CD44

CD54 B-H17 852.690.000 Inhibits PHA stimulated T-cell proliferation
CD86 B-T7 854.450.000

Inhibits mixed lymphocyte culture

CD95 / FAS B-D29 853.030.000 Inhibits FasL induced apoptosis
CD95 / FAS B-G27 853.000.000 Triggers Fas induced apoptosis
HLA Class I W6/32 857.220.000 Inhibits the interaction between T cells and MHC molecules
IFN gamma B-B1 855.000.000 Inhibits IFNγ induced proliferation
IL-10 B-S10 855.100.000 Blocks IL-10 induced inhibition of IL-6 synthesis on LPS activated monocytes
IL-12p35+p70 B-T21 855.120.000

Inhibits IL-12 induced IFNg synthesis on PHA activated lymphocytes

IL-13 B-B13 855.140.000 Inhibits IL-13 induced proliferation on TF1 cell line
IL-15 B-E29 855.220.000 Inhibits IL-15 induced proliferation on Kit 225 cell line
IL-17A B-B51 853.910.000 Inhibits the bioactivity of IL-17A on keratinocytes cell line HaCaT (measurement of defensin-2 production)
IL-17F B-F60 855.360.000 Neutralises the bioactivity of IL-17F on HT1080 cell line (measurement of IL-6 production)
IL-1β B-A15 855.010.000 Inhibits IL-1β induced proliferation on D10S murine cell line
IL-2 B-G5 855.020.000 Inhibits IL-2 induced proliferation on Kit 225 cell line
IL-23 B-Z23 853.920.000 Inhibits the bioactivity of rhIL-23 on mouse splenocytes C57BI/6 (measurement of mIL-17 or mIL-22 production)
IL-4 B-S4 855.030.000 Inhibits IL-4 induced proliferation on TF1 cells
IL-6 B-E8 855.050.000 Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation on XG1 cell line
IL-8 B-K8 855.080.000 Inhibits IL-8 induced chemotaxis of human neutrophils
NKp46 B-L46 855.490.000 Measured by the ability of the coated antibody to induce degranulation of activated NK cells and to enhance IFNγ secretion by non-activated NK cells
Neurotensin B-N6 857.040.000 Inhibits neurotensin binding to its receptor
TNF alpha B-C7 855.150.000 Inhibits TNFα induced cytotoxicity on U937 cells

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