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Diaclone’s range of high-quality immunoassay kits provide the sensitivity and performance required for the best efficient and sensitive detection of cytokines, chemokines, growth factors and their associated receptors, amongst others.

Diaclone ELISA are highly sensitive assays designed for in-vitro quantitative and qualitative determination of natural and recombinant proteins from serum, plasma and cell culture supernatant.


• Control of our own mAb development coupled with robust manufacturing procedures ensures excellent performance and batch to batch consistency.

• High Sensitivity (HS) kits for the detection of low expressing proteins with sensitivities below 1.5pg/ml.


With over 1000 immunoassay kits and corresponding kit components available, Diaclone can provide an ELISA solution to match your needs: for cytokine or CD marker studies, for Cytokines Release Syndrome monitoring (CRS) and many other applications.

The kits are available in multiple assay formats, sizes or species reactivity. For example, IL-6 detection can be performed by ELISA on human samples or murine or rat samples, with or without plates, or alternatively utilizing matched antibody pairs for ELISA or ELISpot.

The major research fields

Immunotherapy & Cancer - Vaccinology - Inflammation - Allergy - Autoimmune diseases - Apoptosis ...

The main applications

CD markers, Cytokine and Growth factors, TRAIL receptors, Cell adhesion molecules (CAM), T-Cells…

A large range of specificities

Interleukins e.g. IL-2, IL-6, IL-8, IL-17 family…, CD markers e.g. CD138 (Syndecan), CD126…, IFN gamma, TNF alpha, Perforin, Granzyme ....

Target species: human, murine, rat...

Unable to find an immunoassay for your research? Utilize our scientific expertise in antibody engineering and immunoassay development.

New Diaclone EASYview solutions !!

In a constant effort to improve the quality and efficiency of the Diaclone products, the Diaclone ELISA kits now contain the new EASYview coloured reagents.

EASYview coloured reagents are designed as a visual aid to facilitate the pipetting and filling of Diaclone ELISA plates.

Significant validation has been performed to ensure that there is no impact on assay performance and the excellence of the results obtained with the Diaclone ELISA kits.

Improved well visualisation     Avoid pipetting mistakes     No impact on assay performance


Formats Available

Diaclone ELISA and High Sensitivity (HS) ELISA Kits: Pre-Coated Plates, Biotinylated Detection Antibody, Standard(s), Control(s) (where available), Buffers, Streptavidin-HRP and TMB, Stop reagent and plate sealers.

Diaclone ELISA Sets: Capture Antibody, Biotinylated Detection Antibody, Standard(s), Streptavidin-HRP and TMB.


New !! Accessory pack for ELISA Set (858.000.005):

Material for optimal assay performance (quantity provided for 5x96 tests). Contains : 5x96 wells strip plates + plate storage material / Coating Buffer 10X, 1 vial 5ml/ Wash Buffer 200X, 1 vial 25ml/ Blocking Buffer 5 vials 10ml/ Standard Dilution Buffer 10X, 1 vial 12.5ml/ Reconstitution Buffer 10X 1 vial 0.1 ml /Secondary Antibody Dilution Buffer, 1 vial 25 ml/ HRP Dilution Buffer, 2 vials 25 ml/ Stop reagent 5 vials 10 ml



Valuable Investigative Tool

These techniques are amongst the most sensitive available for analyte identification and quantification and benefit from a rapid whole-assay time and the provision of robustly validated standards, controls and antibodies

High Performance

  • Highly sensitive assay
  • Fast procedure
  • Accuracy and reliability are guaranteed as all our reagents have been validated according ISO 9001:2000 quality systems
  • Recognises both Natural and Recombinant antigen Specificity
  • No cross reactivity with other human cytokines tested
  • Standard Calibration to NIBSC


  • Extensive antibody range across different species with high specificity and affinity for a number of different cytokines and soluble molecules
  • Generated results can provide both qualitative and quantitative data
  • Removable strip plates and multiple standards allow multiple assays from each kit
  • Multiple standard dilution buffers to mimic sample composition
  • ELISA reagents available in a number of formats from whole pre-coated kits for easy analysis and increased throughput to matched antibody pairs, a great tool for developing research


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