Diaclone's Scientific History

Quality Products Developed on a History of Scientific Expertise

The oustanding Diaclone product quality and scientific reputation is built on cutting edge therapeutic antibody collaborations within the pharmaceutical industry. The same level of quality is the hallmark of the entire Diaclone product range maintaining our reputation as an established centre of excellence for monoclonal antibody research and development. From monoclonal antibodies through to assay development our expertise is every present ensuring consistent high product quality.

1986: Founded in collaboration with the Regional Bloodbank in Besancon to develop monoclonal antibodies for in vitro bone marrow depletion prior to autologous transplantation.
1988: First in-vivo treatment of graft versus host disease using a Diaclone Monoclonal Antibody against CD25.
1990: Clinical trials using Diaclone IL-6 Monoclonal Antibody as a potential therapy against multiple disease states initiated.
1991: Diaclone developed its first generation of Immunoassay kits and extended the range of commercially available antibodies.
1993: Following these early trials and immunoassay developments Diaclone successfully presented these high quality monoclonal antibodies in its first product catalogue.
1994 - 2001: New Diaclone antibodies continue to be investigated in clinical trials for their potential therapeutic applications.
- : - Established skills allow development of monoclonal antibodies to distinguish between soluble and membrane bound receptors.
- : - Antibodies developed to discriminate between proteins that share common chains and proteins where the difference between human and mouse is as little as a single amino acid.
- : - Continued investigation of our antibodies for therapeutic potential in many conditions including Multiple Myeloma (Clone B-A38, anti-CD138 / Syndecan-1, 2000) and RA (Clone B-A1, anti-CD4, 2001).
2012: Diaclone’s Current Catalogue has over 490 Monoclonal Antibody products, including a range of biologically active antibodies and over 950 immunoassay products (Including ELISA, ELISpot and Multiplex).
2012: Excellent on-going relationship with the Besancon Regional Bloodbank provides unlimited access to white blood cells, advice and expertise.
2017: New technological innovation with the introduction of EASYview coloured reagents in our ELISA kits.
2018: Diaclone's service platform now offers a recombinant antibody development service using Phage Display (Mouse) technology, strengthening the group's services in the field of antibody engineering.
2018: The Diaclone catalogue now contains more than 500 monoclonal antibodies, including a range of biologically active antibodies and more than 1000 immunoassay products (ELISA, ELISpot and Multiplex kits).
2020: Development of a new range of recombinant proteins (human cytokines, SARS-CoV-2, and other targets under development)
2021: Extension of the recombinant protein range with the development of SARS-CoV-2 Spike RBD Variants
2021: On the 13th July 2021, Diaclone becomes part of the Medix Biochemica Group

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