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Anti-Human IL-15 Azide Free

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
855.220.000 - 200µg / 200µl
855.220.005 - 500µg / 500µl
Target species
Recognises both natural and recombinant human IL-15
Flow Cytometry
Functional assay
Myeloma X63/AG.8653 x Balb/c spleen cells
Recombinant human IL-15
200µg or 500µg (Discovery Size also available please enquire)
Mouse IgG1 Kappa light chain
Phosphate-buffered saline. Sterile-filtered through 0.22 μm. Carrier and preservative free
Stable at +2-8°C for 12 months. For longer storage freeze aliquots.
Biological Activity
Inhibits IL-15 induced proliferation on Kit 225 cell line


Interleukin-15 (IL-15) is a glycoprotein of 14-15 kDa which was originally found in conditioned medium of a Rhesus monkey kidney epithelial cell line, CV-1/EBNA. IL-15 has been shown to be structurally similar to IL-2. IL-15 is mainly synthesized by macrophage/monocytes and other non-lymphoid cells. This cytokine exerts its effects through its binding to a membrane receptor composed of a private a chain (IL-15Ra) associated with the b chain of IL-2R and the common g subunit of different type I cytokine receptors. As expected, IL-2 and IL-15 share several effects such as the activation of NK cells, the induction of CD8+ T cell proliferation and the costimulation of B-cell proliferation and differentiation. However, IL-15 has additional effects, including the induction of T-cell polarization, differentiation of dendritric cells, inhibition of apoptosis of lymphoid cells and activation of polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNs). IL-15 synthesis is mainly regulated at a post-transcriptional level, and different stimuli, including LPS and cytokines (IFNg, TNFa) efficiently induce its production and release. IL-15 has a key role in the pathogenesis of inflammatory and malignant diseases. Abnormalities of IL-15 expression have been described in patients with rheumatoid arthritis or inflammatory bowel disease and in diseases associated with the retrovirus HIV and HTLV.

Version 14 - 05.21

For research use only


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Formats Available

855.220.000 200µg / 200µl
855.220.005 500µg / 500µl

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