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Anti-Human GM-CSF Azide Free

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
855.690.000 - 200µg / 200µl
855.690.005 - 500µg / 500µl
Target species
Recognises recombinant and natural GM-CSF (Granulocytemacrophage colony-stimulating factor)
Myeloma X63/AG.8653 x Balb/c node cells
Recombinant human GM-CSF
200µg or 500µg (Discovery Size also available please enquire)
Mouse IgG1 Kappa light chain
Phosphate-buffered saline. Sterile-filtered through 0.22 µm. Carrier and preservative free
Store at +2-8°C for 12 months. DO NOT FREEZE.


Granulocyte - macrophage colony - stimulating factor (GM-CSF) is a small glycoprotein growth factor which stimulates the production and function of neutrophils, eosinophils and monocytes GM-CSF can be produced by a wide variety of tissue types, including fibroblasts, endothelial cells, T-cells, macrophages, mesothelial cells, epithelial cells and many types of tumor cells. In most of these tissues, inflammatory mediators, such as interleukin-1, interleukin-6, tumor necrosis, factor or endotoxin, are patent inducers of GM-CSF gene expression, which occurs at least partly by post-transcriptional nabilization of the GM-CSF mRNA.

The  GM-CSF is a glycoprotein of 127 aa sharing 63 to 70% sequence identity with canine, feline, porcine and rat and 54% with mouse GM-CSFs.

The biological effects of GM-CSF are mediated through binding to cell surface receptors, which appear to be widely expressed by thermatopoietic cells and also by some non-thermatopoietic cells, such as endothelial cells. At least two different functional classes of GM-CSF receptor have been identified. The neutrophil GM-CSF receptor exclusively binds GM-CSF, while interleukin-3 competes for binding of GM-CSF to a second class of receptors detected on some leukemic cell lines. Monitoring of GM-CSF has been found relevant in human prostate cancer, poorly healing wounds, thyroid carcinoma, severe mucositis, fungal infection, AIDS, bone marrow transplantation, renal cell carcinoma and prostate cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia pulmohary inflammation, hematological malignancies, infection, lung cancer.

Version 7 - 04.20

For research use only


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Formats Available

855.690.000 200µg / 200µl
855.690.005 500µg / 500µl

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