Fast track your Covid-19 Research with Diaclone’s CYTOKINES

Publication date : 2020-05-18

Diaclone manufactures essential tools for Cytokine Storm monitoring & Immunotherapy development.

ELISA Kits, Sets & Pairs

  •  Ultrasensitive - Allows you to quantify low interleukin amounts
  •  Highly Specific - Negligible reactivity with other family members
  •  Strict Quality Control - Ensures reproducible results, lot-after-lot
  •  EASYview coloured solutions to facilitate the pipetting and  filling of Diaclone ELISA plates      

Monoclonal antibodies - Capture & Detection

  • The respected B-Clones, developed, produced and labelled  in our facilities
  • Wide range of highly specific mouse anti-human antibodies
  • Can recognize both recombinant and natural proteins acting as neutralizing, agonistic and enhancer antibodies

Biologically active antibodies

  •  IL-6, TNF-α, IFN-γ, amongst others
  • Characterization in our Cell Based Assays platform
  • Azide free antibodies suitable for induction, activation, neutralization and inhibition studies

Diaclone B- Clones - Antibodies made in France

Other news

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  • Virus
    Essential tools for COVID-19 and Immunotherapy research
    Publication date : 2020-04-02
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  • Corona
    Human IL-6 cytokine, a useful tool for Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) and Immunotherapy research
    Publication date : 2020-03-20
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    Diaclone's Toolbox for your Car-T Development
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  • Biocair
    Innovative technologies...
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    CAR-T development
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  • Diaclone est partenaire d’un projet européen d’envergure associant une douzaine de partenaires de la région de Besançon.
    MiMédi Project
    Publication date : 2019-08-29
    Diaclone is a partner in a major European project involving a dozen partners from the Besançon region. Read more

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