Biotech Investissement Group


A range of integrated & innovative solutions in Biotechnology

Diaclone is a member of the Biotech Investissement group of companies collectively offering Customised Products & Services in the fields of Molecular Biology, Immunology, Protein and Cell Engineering.

Custom services, Biomanufacturing and purification, antibodies, recombinant proteins, plasmids, transfection, hybridoma development, expression vectors, FastELISA kits

Primary and Secondary Antibodies Anti-species, Isotype controls, custom services, hybridoma development – rat, guinea pig, murine, Immunoassays

Monoclonal antibodies, Cytokines, Chemokines, CD markers, Apoptosis, Bioactive antibodies, ELISA Kits, ELISpot Kits, DIAplex, Bioassays


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