Diaclone DIAplex


Diaclone DIAplex is a sensitive multiplex fluorescent bead-based immunoassay for the simultaneous quantification of multiple analytes from a single sample by flow cytometry.

Utilising bead populations with distinct fluorescence intensities and unique antibody specificities, Diaclone DIAplex can accurately measure multiple analytes in a single sample with a significantly reduced assay time and sample volume requirement when compared to traditional ELISA techniques.


Flexible by design


DIAplex Complete

DIAplex Complete provides multiples assay sets which are preconfigured for the detection of a panel of analytes for investigation of a specific scientific area. An individual experiment can provide measurements of several analytes from a single sample. Available as 96 test per Analyte.


DIAplex Complete (Accessory Kit Provided) 


DIAplex Human Th1 Complete

IFN-g ; IL-2 ; IL-12p70 ; TNFa

DIAplex Human Th2 Complete

IL-4; IL-6; IL-10

DIAplex Human Th1 / Th2 Complete

IFN-g ; IL-2 ; IL-10; IL-6 ; IL-4; TNFa ; IL-12p70

DIAplex Human Th1 / Th2 / Inflammation Complete

IFN-g ; IL-2 ; IL-10 ; IL-8 ; IL-6 ; IL-4; IL-17a ; IL-1b ; TNFa ; IL-12p70

DIAplex Human Inflammation Complete

IL-8 ; IL-17a ; IL-1b ; TNFa

DIAplex Murine 5-plex Kit

IFN-g ; IL-2 ; IL-10 ; IL-17A ; IL-6


DIAplex Design

DIAplex Design combines the benefits of multiplexing with the ability to design your own analyte detection panel. The assays have been designed for use individually (simplex) or combined to create any size flex system. A DIAplex accessory kit must be ordered with each combination. Available as 96 tests per Analyte.


Versatility & Simplicity

  • Test multiple sample types including serum, plasma and cell culture supernatants
  • Compatible with most commercially available flow cytometers
  • The simple to use Diaclone DIAplex Pro software enables calculation of analyte concentration from a standard curve and provision of detailed analysis reports within a matter of minutes post flow cytometry measurement

Efficiency & Reliability

  • Diaclone DIAplex assay standards are calibrated against NIBSC standards
  • Robust validation for uncompromised reproducibility and sensitivity
  • Small sample volume required due to multiple analyte detection in one sample maximizing the number of analytes that can be tested in a single sample
  • A single set of diluted standards is used to generate a standard curve for each analyte
  • Takes less time than a conventional ELISA and provides data that would normally require multiple ELISA in a smaller sample volume

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