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Anti-Human IL-6 Azide Free

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
855.050.000 - 200µg / 200µl
855.050.005 - 500µg / 500µl
Target species
Recognises both natural and recombinant human IL-6
Flow Cytometry
Functional assay
Myeloma X63/AG.8653 x Balb/c spleen cells
Recombinant human IL-6
200µg or 500µg (Discovery Size also available please enquire)
Mouse IgG1 Kappa light chain
Phosphate-buffered saline. Sterile-filtered through 0.22 μm and treated to remove endotoxins. Carrier and preservative free
Stable at +2-8°C for 12 months. For longer storage freeze aliquots.
Biological Activity
Inhibits IL-6 induced proliferation on XG1 cell line
Anti-Human IL-6 Azide Free
The graph on the left represents activated monocytes marked with B-E8.
Anti-Human IL-6 Azide Free
The graph on the right shows B-E8 with non-activated monocytes. In the two cases, the dotted line represents the IgG1 isotype control.


Interleukin-6 (IL-6) is a multi-functional cytokine that regulates immune responses, acute phase reactions and hematopoiesis and may play a central role in host defense mechanisms.

This cytokine is involved in :

-   the induction of B-cell differentiation,

-   the induction of acute phase proteins in liver cells,

-   growth promotion of myeloma/plasmacytoma/hybridoma cells,

-   induction of IL-2 and IL-2 receptor expression,

-   proliferation and differentiation of T cells,

-   inhibition of cell growth of certain myeloid leukemic cell lines and induction of their differentiation to macrophages,

-   enhancement of IL-3-induced multipotential colony cell formation in hematopoietic stem cells and induction of maturation of megakaryocytes as a thrombopoietic factor,

-   induction of mesangial cell growth,

-   induction of neural differentiation of PC cells

-   induction of keratinocyte growth.

The abnormal production of IL-6 was first suggested to be related to polyclonal B-cell activation with autoantibody production in patients with cardiac myxoma. Since then, IL-6 has been suggested to be involved in the pathogenesis of a variety of diseases. Measurement of IL-6 levels in serum and other body fluids thus provides more detailed insights into various pathological situations.

Version 17 - 06.19

For research use only


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Formats Available

855.050.000 200µg / 200µl
855.050.005 500µg / 500µl

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