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Human Inflammation DIAplex

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
880.130.004 - 1 x 96 tests per analyte
Assay Range
78 pg/ml - 5000 pg/ml
IL-8 1.3 pg/mL ; IL-17a 8.7 pg/mL ; IL-1b 3.5 pg/mL ; TNF-a 9.8 pg/mL
Target species
DIAplex is a multiplexed fluorescent bead-based immunoassay for the quantification of multiple human cytokines in serum and culture supernatants by Flow Cytometry
Sample Type
Cell culture supernatant, serum and plasma
Additional Information
Supplied with DIAplex Accessory Kit
Target Analyte(s)
IL-8 ; IL-17A ; IL-1β ; TNF-α

Version 3 - 02.18

For research use only


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Formats Available

880.130.004 1 x 96 tests per analyte

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