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Anti-Human IL-33 Azide Free

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
855.470.000 - 200µg / 200µl
855.470.005 - 500µg / 500µl
Target species
Recognises both natural and recombinant human IL-33
Myeloma X63/AG.8653 x Balb/c node cells
Recombinant human IL-33/NF-HEV
200µg or 500µg (Discovery Size also available please enquire)
Mouse IgG1 Kappa light chain
Phosphate-buffered saline. Sterile-filtered through 0.22 µm. Carrier and preservative free
Stable at +2-8°C for 12 months. For longer storage freeze aliquots.


Interleukin-33 is described as a IL1 family cytokine which have important functions in host defense, immune regulation and inflammation. It is synthesized as a 30kD precursor ; then cleaved by caspase-1 to generate a 18kD fragment, termed mature IL-33.

IL-33 was originally identified as a protein abundantly expressed in endothelial cells  of high endothelial venules (HEVs) and was previously named NF-HEV (nuclear factor in HEV). High level of IL-33 were also found in fibroblastic reticular cells of lymphoid tissues and certain types of epithelium, including skin keratinocytes and epithelial cells of stomach.

IL-33 induce T helper (Th) type 2 responses by signaling through the IL-1 receptor related protein ST2. Acts as Th2 chemotactic factor,  also promots cytokine production (such as IL-6, IL-13, IL-1b, TNFa), IL-33 has also a role in activating basophil cells and regulating their migration.

It is recognized as important contributors to allergic inflammation  by eosinophils cells activation and degranulation.Also contributes to hyperresponsivness reaction observed in asthma when secreted by ephitelial cells.

Version 6 - 06.19

For research use only


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Formats Available

855.470.000 200µg / 200µl
855.470.005 500µg / 500µl

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