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Human IL-8 ELISA Set

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
851.530.001 - 1 x 96 Discovery
851.530.005 - 5 x 96
851.530.010 - 10 x 96
851.530.015 - 15 x 96
851.530.020 - 20 x 96
Assay Range
62.5 pg/ml - 2000 pg/ml
25 pg/ml
Target species
Recognizes both natural and recombinant human IL-8
From sample to end 1h45
Sample Type
Serum, Plasma, Cell culture supernatant
Sample Size
100 µl
Cross Reaction
No cross reactivity with other human cytokines
Kit Content
Diaclone ELISA Sets include capture and biotinylated detection antibody, one standard per plate, Streptavidin-HRP, TMB, and detailed procedure including buffer composition.


Interleukin 8 (IL-8) or CXCL8, Monocyte-Derived Neutrophil Chemotactic Factor (MDNCF), Neutrophil Activating Factor (NAF) and NAD-P1 is a chemokine secreted by monocytes, macrophages and endothelial cells. IL-8 chemoattracts and activates neutrophils.

The predominant form of IL-8 is a 8.4kDa protein containing 72 amino acid residues, which includes five additional N-Terminal amino-acids. IL-8 contains the four conserved cysteine residues present in CXC chemokines and also contains the “ELR” motif common to CXC chemokines that binds to CXCR1 and CXCR2.

Data indicate that IL-8 may participate in the pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis (5) via the induction of neutrophil-mediated cartilage damage, and psoriasis. A causative involvement of IL-8 is found within a broad range of clinico-pathological conditions : adult respiratory distress syndrome, asthma, bacterial infections, bladder cancer, graft rejection and influenza infection, due to the now known biological properties of IL-8. This cytokine especially in combinations with other neutrophil activating agents, may prove helpful in the treatment of patients suffering from granulocytopenia, severe infections against which antibiotics are not effective, and immunodeficiency caused by HIV.

Version 12 - 07.19

For research use only


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Formats Available

851.530.001 1 x 96 Discovery
851.530.005 5 x 96
851.530.010 10 x 96
851.530.015 15 x 96
851.530.020 20 x 96

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