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Human IL-1β ELISA Kit

Product Specifications

Catalogue N°
850.006.048 - 1 x 48 Discovery (pre-coated)
850.006.096 - 1 x 96 (pre-coated)
850.006.192 - 2 x 96 (pre-coated)
Assay Range
15.6 pg/ml - 500 pg/ml
6.5 pg/ml
Target species
Recognizes both natural (pro and mature) and recombinant human IL-1b
Sample Type
Serum, Plasma, Cell culture supernatant
Sample Size
100 µl
Cross Reaction
No cross reactivity with other human cytokines
Kit Content
Diaclone ELISA Kits include pre-coated strip plates, biotinylated secondary antibody, standards, controls (where applicable), buffers, streptavidin-HRP, TMB, stop reagents and a detailed procedure.


In fact, there is not one molecule, but one family of IL-1 molecules comprising 11 members, the two most studied forms of interleukin-1 being:


    IL-1β, its main form, involved in the reaction cascade comprising different molecules described under the name of inflammasome.

These two forms of IL-1 generally bind to the same cellular receptor, which is composed of two related but non-identical subunits, which transmit intracellular signals via a pathway mainly shared with other receptors, such as those of the Toll1 family (innate immunity receptors) and the IL-18 receptor. Stimulation of the receptor results in the secretion or synthesis of several inflammatory mediators.

The IL-1 receptor antagonist, IL-1Ra, binds to the same membrane receptor as IL-1, and prevents IL-1 from sending its signal to the cell. It is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease in which IL-1 plays a key role. It is commercially produced as anakinra, which is a recombinant human form of IL-1Ra. Interleukin 1 (IL-1) is a cytokine secreted by macrophages, monocytes and dendritic cells. It plays a preeminent role in the inflammatory response of the body to infections.

Version 19 - 07.19

For research use only


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Formats Available

850.006.048 1 x 48 Discovery (pre-coated)
850.006.096 1 x 96 (pre-coated)
850.006.192 2 x 96 (pre-coated)

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