The CAM family: A new target for monitoring or treating cancers?

Publication date : 2019-08-28

The cell adhesion molecules (CAMs) family includes more than 50 proteins with four main groups: immunoglobulin (Ig)-like CAMs, cadherins, selectins, and integrins.

Diaclone has been interested for many years in adhesion molecules and can provide monoclonal antibodies against all of the selectin and integrin families, most of the IgSF CAM family and also EpCAM, H-CAM, M-CAM and BL-CAM.

These monoclonal antibodies include, amongst others, Anti-Human CD31, CD50, CD54, CD66a, CD102, CD106, CD62…

Knowing that the soluble form levels could become an innovative tool of cancer monitoring, Diaclone has also developed ELISA kits for measuring serum levels of a wide range of sCAMs:

I-CAM-1 (human CD54 ELISA kit), I-CAM-2 (human CD102 ELISA kit), I-CAM-3 (human CD50 ELISA kit), VCAM-1 (human CD106 ELISA kit), PECAM-1 (CD31 ELISA kit), …

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